What is faith?

NEWS UPDATE: Faith is a term that covers a range of beliefs, such as those that are held by Christians, Jews, Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus, as well as those held by atheists.

The word is a shortened form of the term “belief.”

Faith can be seen as a personal commitment to a particular belief system, which is also a type of belief.

For example, a Catholic may believe that God is a Catholic, or that the Bible is the word of God.

In some instances, faith is based on an understanding of the faith tradition of a particular faith.

In other instances, it is based in a personal relationship with a specific person.

As a person becomes more religious, they may discover that their belief in the existence of God is based upon a personal experience of faith.

For instance, someone may have a deep religious commitment to the Catholic Church, but discover that the Church is the only institution that is actually teaching the Catholic faith.

Some people are not religious, and they may not believe in the possibility of a personal, supernatural explanation of the universe.

A person who does not believe that the universe is created in seven days may be called a nonbeliever.