Why ‘the Lord’s Prayer’ is the best Christian prayer

I’m a practicing Christian.

I believe in Jesus Christ as the savior of the world and the fulfillment of his prophecy.

The Lord’s prayer, as the most sacred of Christian prayers, should be our first response.

It should be followed by other prayers that are meaningful, meaningful and appropriate for our times.

The prayers that we recite in worship and that are offered by Christian groups in communities throughout the world, including the United States, should reflect our commitment to peace, justice and reconciliation.

Our prayer that the Lord asks of us today should reflect the spirit of reconciliation that has emerged in the United Kingdom.

But the Lord’s prayers have always been part of the fabric of our Christian communities, and they should be honored wherever they occur.

As a believer in the Lord, I want to offer my prayers, which I think are best understood in terms of a God of peace and justice.

So I pray, “Lord, forgive us our sins.”

And I say, “I forgive thee, Lord, for thy kindness and mercy.

Thou didst send me to earth to be a servant of men, and I am willing to be an instrument of thy love, and to do what thou wilt.”

Forgive us our trespasses, that we may be forgiven.

God bless thee, and keep us from evil.


The Christian faith offers a vision of justice and peace that is consistent with God’s love for His people and the Lord Jesus Christ.

As Christians, we share the conviction that Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross for our sins, and that our salvation is through His death on the Cross for our life.

In this light, our prayer that we offer today is the Lord God, our Savior, our Redeemer.