What we know about the new faith-based news anchor at Fox News Channel

Fox News is set to announce a new faith based radio anchor to fill the void left by Matt Lauer’s departure.

News Corp.’s Rupert Murdoch said on Wednesday that Chris Wallace will fill the role as the company’s new anchor and a replacement for Lauer.

Wallace, who is a regular guest on Fox’s programs and is known for his aggressive style, will take on the role of anchor of Faith News, a channel that is part of News Corp.’s new faith oriented news network, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

News is also working on a new, more conservative brand of news, which will be launched later this year.

Wallace joined Fox News as an anchor in 2013, when he took over for Lamey Moore, who left to host CNN.

The move marked the end of a tumultuous year for Fox News, which lost a host of top anchors in the wake of sexual harassment allegations and was also rocked by allegations of sexual misconduct from Roger Ailes, the former CEO who was ousted in January.

News has struggled to find a consistent voice on the air since Ailes was ousted.

Wallace joins the network after a successful stint at NBC News.

Wallace’s experience at NBC news was not without controversy.

A report from the Los Angeles Times in February 2016 detailed how Wallace had to make an unscheduled trip to a hospital in Las Vegas after a patient with a suspected case of Lyme disease developed the disease.

Wallace said he didn’t realize that the patient had Lyme disease until a staffer from the NBC News office asked him.

He said he “just went through the motions.”

Wallace said that he was unaware of the condition until a staff member approached him in Las the following day and said that she had to get an appointment with a doctor, which he declined.

News executives said at the time that the doctor was not involved in the decision to skip the appointment.

Wallace has since said that the incident had nothing to do with his work at NBC.

Wallace left NBC in December 2017 to take a job at CNN, where he has since become a regular anchor.

Fox News has not yet announced the new anchor’s name, but it is believed that the anchor will likely be one of the first hires at the network.

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