Mormon church faces criticism over new policy to help divorced and remarried members get full time jobs

The Mormon Church is under fire for its new policy that could see divorced and divorced members working full time.

The policy states that all of its employees must be currently employed in full-time work by an LDS church member.

It also requires those in full time employment to have a valid employment certificate or a valid, work permit from their church.

The move comes as some LDS churches are facing a shortage of missionaries and members as they try to stem the tide of defections.

“This is the most comprehensive, robust policy we’ve ever put in place,” said LDS Church spokesperson Robert DeWitt.

“It is designed to address the issues of the current church, including the challenges facing the church’s young people, who are increasingly leaving the church, and the challenges faced by our missionaries, who have been struggling to attract and retain them.”

The policy also says LDS Church members must not leave the church to join another faith.

DeWitt said that LDS Church leaders are not actively recruiting for any new missionary positions.

The policy is expected to take effect in about a month.

It also states that LDS church members are not required to work during the summer.

However, some members may be able to work while on the road.

The Church has not publicly released any statistics to support its new employment policies.

DeWitz said he did not have a number for the number of missionaries the church has available to its members.

The LDS Church is facing criticism for the policy and said that while the policy has helped it recruit more people, it has not been able to attract enough missionaries.

A recent survey of LDS Church membership found that only about 40 percent of LDS members are actively looking for new missions, with many of those in need of new work having already left the church.

The church also has not released any information about the numbers of missionaries being sent to different countries, and is currently struggling to find enough members willing to join.

Some Mormons, however, have argued that the policy is helping the church attract more missionaries, with a recent poll finding that nearly 90 percent of Mormons believe the policy will help the church grow.

The Mormon church has not responded to the criticism, and many are calling for the church leader to resign over the policy.