How much do you pay for a TV licence in Australia?

phoenix, australia How much does it cost to get your TV licence?

A lot, according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), which released its latest report on the state of the broadcasting industry in Australia.

The ACCC found that the average price of an Australian TV licence was $1,000 a year, up from $973 in 2015.

“The average TV licence fee for 2017 was $907,” the report found.

“Of this, $872 was for the core licence and $788 for the bundled TV licence.”

In fact, the average TV license cost $749 in 2017.

But the commission also found that “there are many variations” between states.

In Victoria, for example, the licence costs $539, while in South Australia it costs $1.072 per month.

It’s not all bad news, however.

In fact the ACCC noted that it found “some small savings” to be found by extending TV licences to a “broadcast range” of more than 1,000 channels.

For example, it found that in NSW, where only a small proportion of the state’s TV viewers are eligible to buy an HDTV licence, “the average TV monthly fee for the basic licence was lower than the average licence fee in all other states”.

In Tasmania, where the majority of households are eligible, the TV licence costs an average of $1,-569 per year.

But in Western Australia, where there are some 5,000 households, the monthly TV licence cost was $2,500 per year, compared to $1 – $2,- per month for a standalone HDTV.

“It’s important to note that the ACCCs data does not reflect the costs associated with additional services,” the commission said in its report.

“These costs are generally less than the costs of purchasing the basic TV licence, which are generally lower than any other TV licence.”

There is a small but growing number of households that do not have access to a home-broadcast TV service.

“This can be because their current TV provider does not offer an HD television service and is not covered by the TV Licensing Scheme or because they do not currently have a suitable home-based TV set-top box.”

“While the majority households that don’t have access do not require a standalone TV licence for a high-definition service, many households are faced with issues in purchasing a high definition service such as HD,” the ACCCC said.

The commission said that the number of TV licence holders was increasing in some parts of Australia.

“We’re seeing increases in the number and proportion of households who have TV licences, and we’re also seeing increases of the number who are required to buy a TV license,” it said.

It noted that this growth could be linked to the rollout of new home-Broadcast TV products.

“While there is some evidence of increased demand for high definition services, there are also significant challenges in delivering high-quality television to consumers in the most rural areas,” it noted.

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