How to get over your fear of the flu: ‘I was a little bit scared’

When I was a young girl, I was terrified of being bitten by a mosquito, but it never really hit me.

I was always worried about being bitten.

Then I went to my doctor and was told that I was probably allergic to mosquitoes, and I had to have a cold pack.

So I started wearing a cold mask.

And as I got older, I realised that I had a really low risk of catching the flu.

I never did catch it.

But I was still terrified of the virus.

In 2015, I found out I had the virus and, for a few weeks, was fine.

It was a bit of a shock.

But then I started to feel better and I started going to the doctor more.

My first reaction to seeing someone with the flu was: I’ve got the flu!

My first instinct was: “I’ll get the vaccine, you know”.

So I went in, got my vaccine and, after a week, I felt great.

The virus wasn’t really a big deal, and then I went out to the park and I just sat and watched the birds, because that was the most natural thing for me.

But it was hard for a while.

I remember I didn’t even have any flu symptoms at first.

I didn’ have any colds, I didn”t have any chest colds.

But one day I was sitting in the park, I saw a bird and it was like: “Oh my God, this is terrible”.

So when I got home, I had my cold, and it started to really kick in.

And I was like, “I’m OK, this should be fine”.

But I didn t know that it was really bad.

And the next thing I know, I”d developed pneumonia and I”m in intensive care.

I”ve had a couple of heart surgeries.

I’ve had a CT scan, but I”ll be fine.

And that was a big turning point.

It made me realise: “This is really hard, but the only way to get rid of it is to get the flu vaccine.”

I got the vaccine.

I have never felt so much fear again, and that”s really good.

I got a lot of support from my doctors.

When I got to my hospital bed, I started crying.

I had been crying so much when I was at home.

I went home and I cried for the first time.

I just started crying because I had no idea what to do.

I couldn”t understand why my doctors would be so scared.

I would go into the room and they would say: “You don”t need to cry, you can”t tell me what to say, you don”T need to ask for an epidural, you”re fine”.

And I would say, “That”s not the way it”s supposed to be.”

I started asking questions like: Why did I get this flu?

And I started hearing the doctors talk about the vaccine being a great thing for people.

But, you have to go through this with a sense of humour.

It is the vaccine that will help you.

When people talk about how wonderful it is, and how safe it is for us, and the fact that it is so cheap and that it will make us feel so better about ourselves, I want people to realise that this vaccine is not for everyone.

But the vaccine is for the majority of people.

It has the greatest chance of making us feel better about our lives, and will help us get through the flu season and all the things that can go wrong with it.

I am not a doctor, but my doctor told me that I should do what I was told, and get the vaccination as soon as possible.

So, I went and got my flu vaccine and got vaccinated as soon I was diagnosed with the virus, which was on Friday March 6.

It”s been a long, long wait.

And when you get the first vaccine, your body adjusts and you feel more confident.

But as the weeks go on, you get more flu symptoms, and you have more of a cold, so you”ll start to have other symptoms as well.

But with the vaccine you can expect to have more flu-like symptoms.

And once you”ve got that vaccine, it”ll make you feel much more confident and relaxed.

But you also need to take your vaccination as much as possible, because the flu is very infectious.

If you don’ t take your vaccine as soon, you may get a mild case, but then the virus will grow.

You”ll have more serious cases and you”ld be at greater risk of dying from complications.

If your doctor says you should get the next flu vaccine, then you”d better get it now, because you”l probably have a very high risk of getting more severe cases.

I think it”d really important that you get vaccinated as much time as