How to tell if your religious leader is an asshole or not?

Fox News contributor Scott Flanders explains how to tell whether or not your religious leaders is an asshat.

He also discusses his new book, The Godly Mind, which is now available for pre-order on

Flanders says he’s now found that religious leaders often lie when they talk about the Bible and their faith, which he calls the “faith equivalent of a doctor talking about the patient’s heart condition.”

He says this is because the Bible teaches that God wants us to do what we do in life, which includes doing things that God tells us to, including love, compassion, humility and selflessness.

Flander said he’s also found that most religious leaders are not willing to admit their hypocrisy.

“You have this one person that says, ‘We’re going to be faithful to Jesus and His teachings, and then we’re going out there and killing people, because that’s what the Bible says.’

They just can’t admit it,” Flanders said.

“It’s like saying, ‘I’m going to lie to you about my sexual orientation, but when I’m in the hospital, I’m going out and killing you.'”

Flanders believes this lack of honesty is one of the reasons why he believes there’s a big difference between being religious and being an asshole.

“I don’t think it’s about being religious, but being an ass.

It’s really about the mindset,” Flander explained.

“How you act, how you talk, the way you look at life.

And the more you’re a hypocrite, the more God is going to look at you.”

Flanders points to the Bible’s warning about being an hypocrite.

He said, “If you can’t see the world the way Jesus sees it, you’re going astray.

And that’s really what the Book of Revelation speaks to.”

The book says that in the Book Of Revelations, Satan said, “…the wicked shall fall away, and those who are right will be exalted, and they will be gods, and the powers of darkness will be restrained.”

The next verse states, “And I have given you the book of life, the law of life.

You shall live by it.”

Flander says the book teaches us to not be afraid of God, which in his book, is saying don’t be afraid to be wrong.

He says Christians need to not think of their leaders as the bad guys.

“They’re just being honest,” Fiers said.

He points out that the Bible also says, “Do not judge, for there is no judgment with God.”

“The Bible says, you know, God is all-knowing and all-powerful,” Fols said.

Fols says this teaches Christians that if they want to be in heaven, they must be in a relationship with God.

“But when you’re not with God, there’s no God,” he said.

But Flanders also points out the Bible makes clear that when we’re in a sin, we’re not in a place of grace, and that God can take away our grace.

“The idea of grace is that it’s just the grace of God,” Fries said.

So, Flanders told Fox News, it’s “not grace to love someone, it is grace to forgive someone, but not grace to go out and do something that is evil.”

He said when you feel you need to be saved, “You should be able to make that choice.

You should not feel guilty for that choice.”

Fries also said that the first thing Christians need is a clear-eyed view of the world, which the Bible talks about a lot in the book.

“And that’s where the book says, we are all in this together, we have this common good, and it’s a love that God loves us, and we have to love God.”

Fells book, Godlymind, is available for $15 on Amazon, and can be pre-ordered here.