How to buy faith gold with cash, bond and cash savings

The best way to buy and sell faith gold is by paying for it with cash.

And it is an easy process.

You can do it at a cashless ATM, online or in your own pocket.

Faith gold’s website says you can buy it with the following denominations: 1,000 AUD, 1,500 USD, 10,000 CHF, 1 million CAD, 10 million US dollar, 500,000 GBP, 100,000 JPY, 1 trillion yuan.

If you have more than 100,0000 AUD in your account, it can be transferred to your savings account.

Faith Gold also offers you the option to buy it at more than 500 cashpoints around the world, including the ones in Sydney, London, New York and Singapore.

Cash in hand: faith gold cash buy and hold instructions How to make cash out of faith gold: Faith Gold Cash buy and save instructions