Fox News says Fox News Network ‘will not be impacted by the decision to leave the Fox News Channel’

Fox News announced on Thursday that it will not be affected by the “Brexit” news network’s decision to drop the cable channel from its schedule.

Fox News said it will continue to offer its news, commentary, and analysis programming.

Fox has also retained several key contributors to its news coverage including Bill O’Reilly, Bill Ouellette, Sean Hannity, Brian Kilmeade, John Bolton, John McCain, Sean Spicer, and Bill Kristol, the network said in a statement.

The decision to pull Fox News from its cable network was made following a tumultuous month for the news network.

In late February, the cable network announced it would cease producing and running its flagship show, “The Five,” and move it to an online service called The Five, a show co-produced by MSNBC.

Fox News had been on the cable TV network for decades, but it was seen as an increasingly distant competitor to MSNBC.