How to be a better listener

The music of The Roots is a powerful force in our lives and, in a new book, Faith News, musician and songwriter Ryan Murphy and his wife Melissa explore that music in a way that is both accessible and provocative.

As we all become more conscious of what we listen to and who we listen for, we’re going to need to become more attentive to the music that is in our ears.

That means listening to music with more awareness of what it is that we’re listening to.

This is where the book comes in.

In an interview with Rolling Stone in October, Murphy said, “I have a tendency to think about everything that I’m listening to before I listen to anything else.

I listen for something, and I look for a connection between something and that thing.

I look at music as a vehicle that has an emotional connection.

I want to be able to connect to something and hear it with a certain amount of awareness, but I also want to have a greater appreciation for it.

And that’s where Faith News comes in.”

This is an excerpt from the book, available now.

For a closer look at the book and the music featured in it, visit the Faith News website here:For a quick introduction to the book’s themes and story, visit Faith News.

The book was published on October 31st.

The cover, which features an excerpt of the lyrics to “One More Time,” was designed by Thee Oh Sees’ Joe Walker.

“Joe Walker’s idea for the cover, and for the whole book, was to make it look like a painting,” Murphy told Rolling Stone.

“It was a pretty subtle thing to do, but it worked for the book.”

“The book is a collection of stories that we tell ourselves in order to understand ourselves and how we react to our world,” Murphy added.

“So when we start hearing music, we need to understand the songs that we are hearing, because music is really powerful for us to be more aware of.

It’s a powerful thing that we can tap into and listen to with more empathy.”

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