‘Fifty-three people are killed, three women and three children are injured’: Manhunt underway for missing man who disappeared on holiday in Thailand

Police are hunting a man wanted in connection with the disappearance of a man from Thailand.

The man was last seen on the island of Phuket in Thailand on Saturday.

He left his home at 10pm on Sunday and was last spotted about an hour later on Phukets airstrip, near Koh Phangan.

He is a local man, said police.

He was last known to be with a local woman, who is the mother of his five children, but has not been seen since.

Police said on Tuesday that they were looking for a man who was seen leaving the country on Sunday.

He was carrying a passport and had an ID card but had not yet provided a surname.

He is expected to be arrested soon.

On Monday, the Thai police and Thai Red Cross said they were in the process of getting a witness to come forward.

They also said they had secured a new tip-off from a Thai security official.