What’s next for Faith Nelson and her baby after her baby boy’s birth?

After her son was born on February 14, Faith Nelson is expecting her second baby boy.

On Wednesday, she was in the hospital after giving birth to a baby girl, and now she’s looking forward to the arrival of her third.

“I’m excited, but I’m just not really sure how much longer I can stay on the road,” she told PEOPLE.

“It’s like a dream, to be honest, but it’s just so different.”

Nelson, 39, and her husband, Scott Nelson, also known as Scott the Man, were on their honeymoon in the Dominican Republic when she received an urgent call from her husband’s family.

“We went out to meet them,” she said.

“And I said, ‘My husband is going to be a baby boy, and he’s going to come home with me.

Can I just go to sleep now?’

And he said, I know, and I said yes.”

Scott Nelson and Faith Nelson are expecting a third baby boy!

The couple is pictured here in 2015.

They are pictured here at the New York premiere of “Crazy in Love,” which will premiere in 2017.

Nelson says she had been planning to take a vacation with her husband and baby for a couple of weeks, but the stress of her first pregnancy was overwhelming.

“That first time I went to sleep, I couldn’t fall asleep.

And I said to my husband, ‘I’m going to have to stay up and I’m going, like, do this, do that,'” she said, recalling the panic of the day.

“So I was trying to find something to distract myself, and then I went in to the kitchen to make myself something to do, but my husband and I just kind of got to thinking, ‘Oh, God, what’s going on here?’

I mean, we didn’t know.

And we didn.

And that was the moment when I knew that was it.”

Nelson had been diagnosed with trisomy 21, which is a genetic disorder that affects the baby’s chromosomes.

But she says she was also diagnosed with another condition, which she calls congenital adrenal hyperplasia, or CAG.

“This was when I was in high school,” she recalled.

“My sister had a congenital disorder, and we were both diagnosed with it at that time, but then it kind of started happening in college.

And it started happening with my brother, and my dad’s brother.

So, when I had this, it kind, you know, made me really, really, very depressed.”

After her first miscarriage, Nelson and Scott Nelson got pregnant again.

“The last time we were in the womb, I had an ultrasound,” she explained.

“They said that, like I said before, that’s when we thought, ‘This is really weird.

I don’t want to be pregnant.'”

Nelson said she thought she was having a very normal baby, with a normal face, normal nose, normal eyes.

“But then I was told that this baby was not normal,” she says.

“He was a girl.”

Nelson said the baby had a face that resembled a “normal human face.”

“I was so relieved, and like, ‘Wow, this is amazing.

We’re going to, like a normal human, be able to have a normal life,'” she explained to PEOPLE.

But Nelson was still worried about the birth of her child.

“As soon as we went into labor, my husband’s mom called, and said, you need to get out of there, and she had to be taken to the hospital because of her baby,” she recalls.

And the doctors said, no, you’re not a normal child.” “

When we got back to the hotel, we were told by our doctors that, by the way, they had a c-section, and they said, we think this is a normal baby.

And the doctors said, no, you’re not a normal child.”

She says the doctors at the hospital told her that if they could just give her another ultrasound, they could help.

“In those last hours, I was very excited, and it’s like, oh my God,” she remembered.

“You know, I didn’t even think about it.

Nelson says the couple had been on the honeymoon for three weeks, and was planning to head back to California for the holidays. “

At that moment, it was just a matter of waiting and praying, and praying that God would find me.”

Nelson says the couple had been on the honeymoon for three weeks, and was planning to head back to California for the holidays.

But, as Nelson was making plans to get back to her family, she learned that she had trisomic 21.

“Now that we have trisomies, it’s kind of scary,” she admitted.

“Like, you want to get home and everything, but you don’t know if you’re going anywhere.”

Nelson’s second miscarriage