How to deal with faith schools

As the number of faith schools in the United States rises, some parents and faith leaders say they are finding it difficult to keep their children away from them.

“They just don’t feel safe anymore,” said the Rev William Siegel, the president of the American Family Association’s Liberty Counsel, which is a national coalition of faith leaders that is fighting the new standards.

The new rules include new rules on bullying and sexual harassment.

But parents are also concerned about the way the new regulations are enforced, said Siegel.

In a statement, the American Association of School Administrators said it is reviewing the new rules and will make them available to parents at the end of June.

In the meantime, parents have expressed concerns about the new restrictions, such as: • Being forced to move schools if their child is expelled or suspended.

• Being required to pay a $50 per-day penalty to parents for each school that has been closed.

The American Association also said it will provide guidance to schools and the public on how to comply with the new guidelines.

The organization said it has “deeply concerned about new rules” that would “have a significant impact on families and the educational environment.”

The American Family Alliance, a national conservative religious group that has opposed the new requirements, issued a statement calling the new guidance “misguided.”

In a recent interview, David McBride, the group’s president, said he believes the new changes are “a step in the right direction,” but he said they still haven’t fully addressed the concerns of some parents.

The group has also argued that religious schools should be allowed to continue to provide services to students who are otherwise ineligible for public school.

Read moreThe new standards also come after a series of scandals in the Christian schools industry.

In December, an audit by the Los Angeles-based Alliance Defending Freedom found that the number one complaint about the quality of religious schools is the lack of leadership and accountability.

It found that many Christian schools fail to properly supervise students and provide counseling to students.

In January, the state of California banned a Christian school in San Diego that had been operating in the city since 2000 from holding new students after a student said he had been sexually assaulted.

And in February, California voters passed a ballot initiative to require that religious and non-religious schools be accredited and approved by the state board of education.

The California law was approved in November but it is still being challenged in federal court.

The Alliance Defying Freedom said the new California law is “an attack on religious freedom and will cause substantial harm to our students and schools, especially religious schools that are already under scrutiny.”