Evangelical Christian Church in India opens for business

An Evangelical church in India has opened its doors to the public for the first time in the country.

The Evangelical Church of India (EICI) in Kannur is located in the city, with an estimated 1,000 members.

Its mission statement states: “We have an extraordinary opportunity to connect with the Indian people, in a non-political way, to be active and positive in the life of our community”.EICIs mission statement, which was first reported by the Economic Times, states: “[We are] working in partnership with the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Information Technology and Digital India, Ministry for Women and Child Development, National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NITI Aayog), Ministry of Science and Technology and Government of India, in order to promote and enhance the socio-cultural integration of Evangelical Christians and Muslims in India.”

According to the Mission statement, the EICI is seeking to build a “global, secular, ecumenical, and inclusive Christian community”.

According to a report by the Christian Post, in 2013, the Evangelical Catholic Church (ECCA) in the state of Maharashtra, was founded.

In its early days, it was said to be “a relatively small group of mostly young people”.ECCA is also the only Christian denomination in India.

According to an article by The Hindu, in 2015, the church had “sold about a million books in India” and had “a large and well-respected network of pastors”.

The Evangelicals mission statement further states:The EICIs website lists various social activities such as church visits, Sunday morning services and evangelism programmes.

The EECA website also includes a blog, called “Mission of the Evangelicals”, which has written about “what the Evangelics have to offer the Indian diaspora”.

“The blog is a place where we share the most relevant information about our mission, our life and the lives of our friends,” it states.

According the EECAs mission statement:We believe in a Christian India.

We are not religious, but we believe in the power of faith.

We seek to promote the Christian way of life in India and our message to the world is the Gospel.

We believe in our community and in the dignity of every person and we welcome anyone who seeks to reach out to us.EECA was founded in 1984 by the Indian Orthodox Church, but its members have since spread across the country, according to the Evangelist Post.

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