What we know about the coronavirus outbreak

Here are the key events that are affecting Australia’s coronaviral response.1.

The coronaviruses have hit a high in Australia.

The first cases of the new strain, called coronavillae, have been reported in WA and New South Wales.

It is now the second-most-common strain in the country, with coronavacids reaching an all-time high in Queensland, according to a government report released on Wednesday.2.

The state is in lockdown.

The government says there is a high risk of further spread in the coming days, with more than 300 coronavids reported.3.

The virus has made a major impact in the north.

There are more than 2,600 cases in NSW alone, and more than 900 in WA, with the highest numbers recorded in Sydney and Melbourne.4.

The death toll has risen to about 20,000.

In New South Welsh, the figure is over 25,000, while in Victoria it is closer to 40,000 deaths.5.

More than 100,000 people have been treated in emergency centres across Australia.

Some patients are now receiving treatment in isolation, with another 20,500 in the waiting list.6.

More states have now introduced mandatory vaccinations, with WA becoming the first state to adopt the policy.

The move is being hailed by some experts as an effective way of controlling the outbreak.7.

The public is beginning to accept the new coronavovirus strain.

The ABC’s PM program on Wednesday said it had shown “the public is starting to get it”.8.

In Sydney, the new virus has caused an uptick in the number of people returning to the streets.

A spokesman for the city’s Health Department said the number is likely to increase, as people return to the city after returning from work and visiting relatives.9.

There has been a significant increase in coronavicine use in some areas, with Sydney, Melbourne and Queensland all seeing increases.

In the Northern Territory, the number has been around 300 per 100,00 people, and in the south-west, it is between 50 and 60.

In Queensland, the proportion of people who have received one dose of vaccine has been increasing, from about 8 per cent in January to 12 per cent last week.

There is no clear indication how the new strains are spreading.

The Department of Health says coronavaccine use is continuing to decline.

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