“I’m A Teenage God” Video: ‘My Faith Schools’ Is the New, New, Great News for Kids

The story of the faith schools video is one of the most viral videos ever.

It has more than 6.5 million views and has been seen by more than 10 million people.

“I’m a Teenage Gods” is the story of four teens who were raised by their parents in a Catholic family in Los Angeles.

The video follows the four boys as they learn how to pray, learn about their faith and the impact of their faith on their lives.

“My Faith School” is a family-friendly video, which encourages families to pray together, and includes a prayer for all children to “come together as one.”

“I don’t know if the video is a great video or if people are seeing it through that lens,” said David Hirsch, president of the National Council of Churches and the Rev. John G. Waring, dean of the school of education at Catholic University of America.

“It’s a great way for kids to understand their faith in a non-threatening way.”

The video, however, has been criticized for portraying some of the religion’s teachings as problematic, including the idea that some people are born with “dysmorphia.”

“It’s hard for parents to come to terms with the idea of someone who’s born gay,” said Sarah L. Tymicki, an associate professor at the University of Southern California who studies the influence of religion on children.

“But we also think there’s a problem with the way that the parents treat their kids.”

Tymickit noted that while parents might want to see their kids grow up with their own beliefs, they might not want their children to grow up believing the same beliefs as others.

“There are many reasons parents can be critical of their children’s faith,” she said.

“They can be dismissive, or they can be too supportive of their kids, and that can lead to problems later in life.”

The National Council on Religion and the Family issued a statement Tuesday saying the video, as well as the other videos on its list, are in line with the group’s “deepest, most deeply held values.”

“We understand that many parents may not be aware of our views, and we welcome any dialogue about our faith that we can have,” the group said.

“We recognize that the video that was published in response to our appeal does not represent our views on the matter,” it continued.

“We also realize that many of our families have not yet seen this video and are asking that they do.”

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