Which New Testament text is the most accurate?

Posted September 16, 2018 09:05:56 While most people think of the New Testament as a Bible of divine inspiration, the New International Version (NIV) of the Bible is often mistaken for that scripture.

This article examines which New Testament texts are the most reliable and correct today.

This is the ninth in a series of articles examining the reliability and accuracy of the NIV Bible.


Mark 6:9: This verse says Jesus went “to Galilee” to fulfill the Law and the Prophets prophecy.

This verse is usually read as meaning that Jesus went to Galilee to fulfill his ministry as a rabbi.

It is not the case.

The New Testament says that Jesus took a boat to Galilei to fulfill three of the Prophests prophecies.

Jesus did not go to Galilea to fulfill these three prophecies, but rather to fulfill another prophecy.

The word “taken” here means to go, not to enter.

The same is true of the verse about Jesus going to Galilees to fulfill other prophecies that were prophesied by others.


Luke 21:1: This passage tells of Jesus’ visit to the tomb of Lazarus.

This passage is read by many as evidence that Jesus was resurrected from the dead.

This interpretation is problematic.

This fact alone should not lead one to dismiss the fact that the Lord Jesus was raised from the tomb.

The scriptures say that Jesus came into the world at the tomb to fulfill all the Prophecies and promises.

Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life.”

Jesus is the Messiah, the one who will come forth to fulfill this promise.

This claim was repeated by other prophets.


Matthew 2:14: This is a direct quotation from the gospel of Matthew, which was written about two centuries after the death of Jesus.

In this passage, Jesus is describing the birth of Jesus Christ and his disciples when he says, “My kingdom come, my will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

This passage speaks of the kingdom of heaven as the future kingdom.

It does not speak of the future world.

This statement is also used to make the statement that Jesus is not here today because the world has been saved.

The world is a temporary creation.

It was not made in seven days or in seven years.

It will be saved, and this will be the Kingdom of God, the kingdom that Jesus will establish.


Mark 7:1-12: This phrase in Matthew indicates that Jesus appeared to the apostles.

This phrase is often read in the New World Translation of the Gospels as indicating that Jesus did appear to them.

However, the Gospel of Mark does not indicate that Jesus appears to any of the apostles or that he ever returned to the temple.

The verse in question is the only one in the Gutter Gospel which does not mention Jesus appearing to anyone or that any of his followers ever returned.


Matthew 5:18: This line is read as saying that Jesus died.

This line does not imply that Jesus ever died.

It simply indicates that he was taken to the grave.


Luke 24:42-44: This chapter is usually cited by Evangelicals as evidence of Jesus resurrection.

It contains several passages that suggest that Jesus lived after death.

However: (1) The Gospel of Luke says that this is not true, (2) the Greek word translated “sons” in the Greek text, γυνες, indicates that the Son of God did not live, and (3) the Gospel is not even written in Greek.

(4) The Greek word rendered “sisters” in Luke is πορυσιλής, which means that the women were the daughters of God and they were to be married.

(5) The phrase γιδακή, which indicates that Mary and Joseph were the mother and the wife of Jesus, is not in the Latin Vulgate version.

(6) There are no parallels to this passage in the Old Testament.

(7) This passage, which is the basis of many of the Old and New Testaments accounts of Jesus dying, is also not in any other Old Testament passage.

(8) The word translated in the Bible as “woman” in Mark is a Greek word called “διάση.”

The word rendered as “girl” in Matthew is called “νεσποριεν” which means “woman of the valley.”

The phrase translated as “man” in John is translated as γεργιον.

In the Bible, the word translated as a “woman,” διακιος, is the word for a woman, δεραιου.

This same word is also translated in Greek as δαγκος. The

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