When is faith not faith? – Google News

News from Google.

India’s largest search engine said that it will be removing its faith links in India after several controversies involving faith and politics.

Google India said on its official Twitter account that it was taking a “closer look” at links to faith in India, adding that it had “no doubt” that links to religion would be removed.

It came after the Centre of Hinduism in India said that a “religious group” was being formed by a Hindu cleric to form a group called National Secular Society of India (NSI) to “discredit” religion.

It added that the group was “promoting secularism” and had sought to “disqualify” Muslims and others.

However, the news came as a surprise to some, who tweeted that they were still on faith links to India, citing a statement made by a religious leader in August 2016.

The statement said that the leaders of the organisation had told him that “the only thing that counts is faith”.

“The reason why we are not happy with this organisation is because they do not speak for the people,” the statement said.

“They are promoting their ideology and do not represent the people.”

It is not the first time that Google has removed links to a faith in a country where a large section of the population does not identify as Hindu.

In March, Google said that links in Pakistan to faith could be removed in light of the recent anti-Muslim protests.

The decision came after Google had removed links in China to the Chinese version of the site, which was accused of supporting the pro-government Tibetan group Dalai Lama.

The move came after a Tibetan group in China was asked to remove a link to a site that claimed to be a site of Tibetan Buddhism.