A new treatment for HIV is proving effective in treating people with HIV

An Australian doctor says he has found a way to treat people with severe HIV who have a virus that prevents their bodies from replicating.

The new treatment, which he describes as a drug that does not require needles, has been used in the past in people who have had a severe infection of HIV.

Professor Steven Cunliffe said the treatment works in all people who had a virus, but was particularly effective in people with a mutation that makes them immune to HIV.

“If you have a mutation, then if you have an infection, the virus can’t be transmitted,” he said.

“But if you’re immune to the virus, then it will be passed on to your children and grandchildren.”

The treatment can be used to prevent transmission to a child, but only when they are between the ages of five and 18.

“The goal of the treatment is to give them a shot of the virus in order to stop it from being passed on,” he told the ABC’s 7.30 program.

“So if a child gets a virus infection, that will stop that virus being passed to their child.”

The drug is administered by injection and works in people from ages 20 to 30, depending on their condition.

It works by preventing the virus from entering the bloodstream and making it unable to replicate.

The drug has been developed by Dr Steve Cunlief from Adelaide’s Royal Adelaide Hospital.

The treatment is a combination of a cocktail of drugs, known as an antiretroviral (ARV) cocktail, and the drug known as zidovudine, which is given as a nasal spray.

It is currently used to treat a virus called CCR5, which causes the body to produce a protein called a protein kinase called GADD.

“It’s very much like an anti-fungal treatment,” Dr Cunlef said.

The drugs are not available for people over the age of 65, but Dr Cinna said they could be used for people who are at higher risk of HIV infection.

“We can give people a shot in a few days, maybe two days, but the longer it goes, the more severe the infection will get,” he explained.

“And then, once that’s passed on, you can get rid of it by the time it’s gone.”

Dr Cuniffe said people could still be treated with zidOVID and other drugs if they needed more time.

“There are some people who will be able to keep their virus from replating, but it’s just like when you go out and do a race, and you do get in an accident, then you have to go back to work,” he warned.

“You don’t know whether you’ll be back in a couple of months, or two years.”

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