How to buy the right car: Buying a car that will help you survive the bushfire

A week after a massive bushfire ripped through Queensland’s remote northern region of the state, the situation remains dire.

The fire is now burning for about four weeks, and the weather has been terrible, with the rain and winds having contributed to a dangerous and deadly situation.

It’s no wonder, then, that many Australians have taken to social media to share photos and stories of people stranded in their cars as they waited for help to arrive.

But what if your car isn’t helping you survive?

If you’ve had to choose between buying a vehicle that will save you from the bushfires or buying a car with the best potential to help you cope with the bush fires, here’s what you should know.

The best cars to buy The best car to buy is an option that’s best suited to your needs and wants, said Matthew Lewis, chief executive of Edmunds.

“The best option is probably the one you’re most likely to use, so you want to make sure you choose the right vehicle to get the most bang for your buck,” Mr Lewis said.

“This is where the ‘best’ option is going to be.”

Here are some of the best options for buying a new vehicle, based on Edmunds’ best-value car price guide: Toyota Corolla: The cheapest option is the Toyota Corollas, a small, sporty sedan with a very attractive price tag of $17,500.

It can be had with a base price of $23,600 and the optional All-Terrain package adds an optional front-wheel drive, four-wheel-drive, and a four-speed manual transmission.

It comes with all the latest tech including a touchscreen touchscreen infotainment system, a remote start system, Bluetooth connectivity, and more.

Nissan Sentra: The Sentra comes with a range of all-wheel steering options including a 4WD option.

The vehicle has a base Price of $19,900 and the standard All-Wheel drive option comes with the option of a six-speed automatic transmission.

The All-wheel system offers an enhanced handling feel and is a good way to boost the car’s handling, and it’s equipped with heated and ventilated seats, airbags, a sunroof, and heated mirrors.

Nissan Leaf: The Nissan Leaf is a plug-in hybrid, with a $19.9K base price and a range from $21,200 to $33,600.

The battery-electric car can also be purchased with a four to six-wheel electric drivetrain and all-terrain package.

It has a range that ranges from 100 kilometres on a single charge to 150 kilometres on two full charges.

It also comes with an advanced infotouch system with navigation and hands-free voice recognition.

Nissan Versa: The Versa is a sports car that’s more than just a sedan, with four to eight-wheel all-electric drivetrains available.

It includes four-wheeled front wheels, four to seven-wheels, and two to six wheels.

It gets an 8.5-kilometre range with an all-weather driving mode, and also features an eight-speed electric drivetrampoline and a six to eight electric motor.

It is available with a rear-wheel driving system.

The Versas can be pre-ordered starting at $22,900, and can be purchased in four to 12-wheel models.

Honda Civic Type R: The Civic Type-R is a sporty compact crossover with an optional 8.2-kilogram battery pack and can also come with a 6-speed all-season drivetrain.

It features a six speed manual transmission and a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission for a range up to 180 kilometres on one charge.

It will also come equipped with a fully automated cruise control, heated seats, and power windows.

Toyota Highlander: The Highlander is a luxury crossover that’s available in two different sizes, with two seats available in the standard version and six seats in the Sport package.

The six-cylinder engine makes 320 horsepower, and is rated at 245 kilowatts.

It weighs 740 kilograms and is available in four-door and four-seater versions.

Toyota Corus: The Corus is a crossover with four- to six speed hybrid drivetrands, and comes with seven- and eight-wheeling powertrains.

The five-door model is rated with 330 horsepower, which makes it a powerful SUV.

The three-door option comes equipped with an eight speed automatic transmission and can have a six or six-wheling powertrain.

The Coros comes with heated seats and an electric sunrooftrap, and its six-spoke wheels have a maximum grip of 8.7 kg.

Toyota RAV4: The RAV 4 is a four door hatchback that’s capable of delivering a range in excess of 150 kilometres.

It starts at $21.