Faith & Destiny’s ‘Dawn’ hits the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 – Billboard Music Awards 2017

phoenix New York City – Faith & Destiny have announced their new single ‘Dance of Life’, the song to be released on June 10th via their own label Faith & Divinity. 

The song, a cover of ‘Daughters Of The Dust’ by The Black Keys, is Faith & Friends first UK release since the band’s last album ‘Dusk’. 

The album marks Faith & God’s fourth UK album and their first for a full-length since their 2011 EP ‘Darkside’. 

 Faith&God’s latest album ‘Faith & Divinity’ was released in 2016. 

“Faith & God is one of those bands that you’ve heard before and know the name by heart,” said Faith &God guitarist, Alex Riggs.

“But this new album is a completely different beast.

It’s more about the journey and the evolution of Faith&God as a band. 

I’m not sure what to expect from the album.

But I can assure you that we’re looking forward to it. 

We’ve got some fantastic songs on the record, but we’ve also got some really beautiful music that’s got some dark roots. 

A lot of songs on this album are really heavy on the emotional stuff and that’s a really good thing. 

It’s really a joy to be a part of this new Faith & Divine album. 

There’s a lot of great music on it.

We’ve also had a few songs that I’ve been working on, like ‘Dancing of Life’. 

I’ve been doing some things that are really hard, and that I think have to do with getting away from some of the old stuff. 

They’re all coming out on the 11th and 12th of June. 

 I’d love to see a lot more of that stuff.

I think that’s what makes Faith& Divinity such a great band.

They’ve just always been able to keep going. 

With the success of the first Faith & Dawn record, ‘Daughter Of The Darkness’, it’s a great feeling. 

Faith’s not done yet. 

‘Dawn’, the band´s first UK album in over a decade, is due out on June 11th. 

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