How to use the news playlist at the church

I think I’m getting ahead of myself, but I’ll keep it short: You can use the News Music Player at the Church of the First Born to listen to the news while in the church.

The church has a news station on the main floor, and the news will be playing while you’re in the congregation.

The news will play until the end of time and then fade out.

I’m still using the news app at work, but it’s an awesome feature.

I used it at work on Friday morning to watch a video about how the new president of the United States has changed the country’s stance on climate change.

I was a little nervous about the sound quality of the music, but the music played perfectly.

When the news station stopped playing, I switched to the News app and watched the video in the News player.

I found the news to be more informative than I expected.

The music was catchy, but not too loud.

It also didn’t make me want to get up and walk out the door.

It was the right choice for me, I thought, but you should be able to use it to listen at home.

You can also listen to local news through the News Player at any time.

You won’t be able get news from local stations while at the newsroom, but local stations have local news stations in their archives.

There are also news stations that don’t play local news, like The Weather Channel and NPR.

If you can’t find a local station, there are some places you can find local news from: The Associated Press and ABC News have local stations.

The New York Times has a local news channel.