God-like woman is set to make her debut on Australian television

Posted August 09, 2018 16:25:25 The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has confirmed that the first female God-beating performer to appear on Australian TV will be revealed in a series of episodes.

Faith Hedgepeth will be joining the hit comedy show The Bible Sisters in Season Two, which will be produced by Christian Broadcasting.

She will play the character of a mother who decides to put her faith above her family.

She joins other new additions to the series, including the recently crowned Bachelor of Science candidate from the US, who is set for an episode of the series.

The Bible Sisters is produced by the Christian Broadcasting network and is the first of three new episodes scheduled for release next year.

The series, which is set in a world where there are no genders, has been adapted from the book of the same name by the American author and playwright, Neil Gaiman.ABC presenter John Barrowman will host the first episode of Season Two alongside Hedgepher, and it will be available on the ABC and iView.

Bryan Fuller, the series creator, will also serve as the executive producer, along with writer Simon Cope and actor Sam Worthington.

The show will be a part of the ABC’s commitment to providing an inclusive and diverse workplace, with the first ever female lead in the world.