‘The Real Housewives of Orange County’ star’s father to appear in a movie about gay marriage – ABC News

LOS ANGELES — The family of “The Real Lifewives of O.C.” star Josh Duggar is planning a movie, with the patriarch of the family of a prominent evangelical Christian group on the front lines of the fight against same-sex marriage.

Josh Duggar, the father of 20-year-old Duggar family patriarch Adam Duggar and son Josh, tweeted on Thursday that he is “trying to get a movie in the works with his father, but he can’t.”

Josh is in talks with his dad about getting the film made and will host it at his church in Salt Lake City, Duggar’s family spokesman said.

The Duggars have been trying to get their film, titled “Josh Dugger: A Gay Marriage Story,” to make it to theaters in the past two years, said Josh Dugger, who is also the president of Family Research Council.

“Josh is an ardent supporter of marriage equality, and he is proud of his family’s history of support for marriage equality,” Josh Duggers spokesman Kevin Minter told ABC News.

“Josh has said he would be honored to have Adam host the film, and we are excited to be working with him to bring it to the screen.”

“We are excited that the Duggar Family is now supporting a movie with their patriarch,” Minter said.

“The Dugger Family’s support of marriage rights is a hallmark of the Dugger family’s mission and it is something that we are honored to work with.

Duggar has said in the weeks leading up to the announcement that he planned to release the film.

In June, Josh Duggan wrote on Twitter that he was “confident” the film would make it.

This is not a political movie.

This is a story about love and family and what it means to be a husband and father.

It’s about the courage it takes to stand up for the integrity of the institution of marriage, he wrote.

A spokesperson for Josh Duggerson did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the planned film.