How to watch the ‘Gospel of Faith’ on television in 2018

Faith Goldy’s ‘Grim Reformation’ is now in the hands of a TV network that is also home to some of the most famous and influential Christian thinkers in the world.ABC Family’s program “Faith” is the new addition to the network’s portfolio, with the network announced Monday that it will air the show next fall.

The series will debut on ABC Family, the network previously known as NBCUniversal Entertainment.ABC’s “GrimReformation” will follow the life of a New York City family that goes through a series of tragic events.

Goldy, a bestselling author and a professor at Columbia University, joins the cast as a preacher, family man, and a charismatic figure.

The show, which is co-created by Goldy and John J. Dvorak, will be the first to debut on a TV channel, with ABC Family already airing the drama “Gotham” and “Criminal Minds.”

The series will also air on a network that’s been in the news for its controversial portrayal of religion, namely Fox News Channel, which Goldy has previously called “the most powerful network in the history of cable television.”

“We are thrilled to be bringing a Bible story to ABC Family and our fans,” Goldy said in a statement.

“Faith Goldy is a leading figure in the field of religious studies and has a unique and powerful voice to tell the story of the faith of our times.”ABC Family is a joint venture of Disney and 20th Century Fox.

The network is owned by the Walt Disney Company and is owned and operated by NBCUniversal.