The First-Ever Christian Prayer for Freedom: “God Is Our Strength”

Posted by Faith Freedom News on November 11, 2018 05:19:03 The First Ever Christian Prayer For Freedom: God Is Our Strongest Ally: In the name of Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, we pray that God’s blessing may continue to flow to our hearts, minds and souls.

We pray for the protection of freedom and the dignity of every human being, especially the LGBT community.

We thank Jesus Christ and his apostles for the gift of life, and we thank God for the grace of His Son Jesus Christ.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

 (1) The Christian faith is the only true religion.

(2) We are all in this together.

(3) We can be free by following Jesus’ example.

(4) We must all worship God together in worship and sacrifice, even if we are not Christian.

(5) God loves us, and He loves us in His own way.

 (6) All people are equal in God’s eyes, and no one is a greater friend than another.