When Faith Freedom Fights, It’s a Win for Canada

Canada has long struggled with how to protect the rights of faith-based groups.

The federal government, for instance, doesn’t recognize a religious school that discriminates against children, for example, because it is a faith-owned business.

And in a bid to reduce religious discrimination, the federal government last year scrapped the Canada Revenue Agency’s definition of religious property, which it said did not accurately reflect the rights and responsibilities of organizations.

But there is a growing recognition that the law has been broken.

In recent years, the government has granted a handful of exemptions to churches and other faith-affiliated organizations, such as for religious instruction.

But critics say the exemptions don’t go far enough, and many religious organizations and their supporters have been left to fend for themselves.

The Canadian Council of Chief Executives, which represents the country’s biggest corporations, this week warned that the government needs to act to protect faith-run businesses.

“There is a real concern that in order to protect these businesses, the CRA needs to revisit the way it defines religion,” said John Hickey, the council’s vice-president of government affairs.

In the case of the religious school exemption, the Canadian Council said the exemptions “don’t go much beyond the CRA’s authority” to protect religious organizations.

The exemption has been used to defend several other business-friendly measures, including one that allows faith-driven schools to offer free meals for students to support their religious beliefs.

A CRA spokesperson said that while the exemption allows schools to discriminate against students who might not otherwise be able to afford meals, it does not apply to the education of students from a particular faith or faith-related group.

“This exemption is designed to allow faith-led education programs to thrive and contribute to a better society by enabling students to thrive in a more multicultural and inclusive society,” the CRA said in a statement.

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