Pope Francis: “Faith is healing”

The Pope has spoken out about the impact of the crisis in the Catholic Church in the United States.

He also said that he hoped for the future of the faith in the US.

In a video message posted on the Vatican’s website, Francis called on Catholics around the world to join in his call for a “new vision of love, a new vision of faith” and to be “in the spirit of solidarity” with Catholics facing a “grave crisis.”

In the video, the Pope spoke about the recent church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, where the gunman opened fire in a church, killing 26 people and wounding nine others.

Francis said that the tragedy showed “how much love and solidarity is needed in this world, because the heart is broken.”

The Pope also said, “Let us hope for a new, better future, because there is no future without faith.”

Francis said he was “particularly grateful” to Pope Francis for the “passionate, courageous and deeply moving words” he had spoken about the shooting.

“I thank you for all that you do for our common salvation,” Francis said in the video.

“This is a good day for us, a good one for the world.”

The pope spoke in his first public appearance since he became Pope on Feb. 21.

He has spent much of the past month speaking at parishes and conferences around the country.

Francis has often been at odds with his own party, the United Kingdom Independence Party, and some bishops and cardinals have called for his resignation.

Francis is expected to meet with President Donald Trump at the White House on Wednesday.

The Vatican has also been under intense scrutiny for its handling of the church’s response to the shooting, which has left more than two dozen people dead and wounded at least 20 others.

The White House has denied any links to the church, and the Vatican has not acknowledged any of the allegations against it.

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